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MST3K: Time Chasers

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Long ago, before there was RiffTrax Live: Time Chasers, there was - Dun-dun-DUNNNNN - MST3K: Time Chasers - making the film one of riffing’s, um, classics.

In tiny Rutland Vermont, chin-forward computer hacker Nick invents time travel with only a Commodore computer and an airplane. Nick plans to use this history-changing tech only for good, such as makin’ time with his old flame Lisa, but after watching a late-night infomercial he quickly decides to sell it to an incredibly evil corporation. The future turns to total crap and it’s up to Nick and Lisa to save the universe with only a light plane, a bicycle and an embarrassing amount of perspiration.

The episode also features the classic host segment series in which Crow goes back in time to change Mike’s future and makes a thorough hash of it. As a result, a spare Crow still roams Wisconsin to this very day...

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Release Date

August 29, 2016


90 minutes



Episode: 821