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MST3K: The She-Creature

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Carlo Lombardi is a hypnotist with a mission: use his powers to summon a hideous sea monster from the mind of a disinterested woman. Sure, buddy, but can you get my aunt to stop smoking? Opposing all this she-creaturing is Lance Fuller, whom responds to this monstrosity with all the enthusiasm you’d expect out of the star of This Island Earth. And then some!

Meanwhile, on the satellite of love, Crow invents a tickle-me toy, Mike learns the Lance Fuller Acting Method, and the Nanites totally destroy a planet.

Join Mike, Servo and Crow as they prepare their absolute finest Black Lagoon for The She-Creature!

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RiffMeter Rating

Average: 9.1 (19 votes)

Release Date

January 8, 2018


90 minutes


In collection

Episode: 808