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MST3K: The Crawling Eye

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There’s something in the Swiss Alps. Something otherworldly. Something… evil. People are disappearing. Whole villages are in terror. Scientists are baffled. The name of this evil?


Oh, and there’s also a giant crawling eyeball from outer space that’s been ripping the heads off mountaineers. Since this really offers little to the Swiss tourist trade, Something must be done. To the rescue come a fragile, lovely young psychic (Janet Munro) and a craggy, leathery old scientist (Forrest Tucker). The true terror of this film? Forrest Tucker’s face. I mean, sure he was a nice fella, and a TV legend as Sarge from F Troop, but man, that face could hold a three-day rain and still frighten gargoyles off their perches. Oh yeah, and there is the eyeball, kinda slimy and rubbery yet still nowhere near as terrifying as Forrest Tucker.

This MST episode - Season One, Episode One - was the very first episode produced for the Comedy Channel, which soon became Comedy Central. It’s a diamond in the rough, but boy was it fun to make. Enjoy!

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Average: 8.6 (18 votes)

Release Date

February 1, 2016


90 minutes

In collection

Episode: 101