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MST3K: Mitchell

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What word could be used to describe the majesty that is Mitchell? Simply put, nothing at all - save the tersely whispered name itself: Mitchell.

Yes, Joe Don Baker is Mitchell, and much like his favorite beer, Schlitz, he's unpleasant, hard to be around for any length of time, makes your stomach feel kind of funny, smells weird, is right at home in an unmade bed that also has a half-used jar of petroleum jelly on the nightstand, and seems like something Dynasty star Linda Evans would want to sleep with.

And, much like Schlitz beer, you immediately regret your decision to let him into your life!

Yet: Mitchell.

Joel, Crow and Servo drink deep from the 16-ounce beer can of 70's cinema, Mitchell.

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Average: 9.7 (71 votes)

Release Date

November 9, 2015


90 minutes


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Episode: 512