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MST3K: Devil Fish

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The very evil World Oceanic Institute has a sinister plan! And that plan seems to be 1) invent terrifying ocean monster to 2) protect the oceans from being exploited, and therefore 3) $ KA-CHING! $

Their dubious business model aside, the WOC does manage to produce a giant shark-octopus hybrid who kills anyone it encounters, leading three intrepid fake scientists to take to the seas and find out what’s what. They discover the beast eventually, though with no help from the director, who never quite shows the Devil Fish itself. Tremble before moviedom’s shyest giant murder-monster!

Devil Fish is an Italian-French co-production featuring, as it turns out, many Italian and French actors pretending to be Floridians in Florida. It has four alternative titles -- Shark rosso nell'oceano; Devouring Waves, Red Ocean; and Monster Shark -- in order to escape responsibility for this cinematic marine pollution.

Join Mike and the ‘Bots for ocean-sized laughs as they riff this monster of a monster movie!

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Average: 9.8 (30 votes)

Release Date

February 8, 2016


90 minutes


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Episode: 911