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When You Grow Up : Circus Peanut Gallery

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When You Grow Up : Circus Peanut Gallery

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A free short film mocked by Circus Peanut Gallery!

Still wondering what to be when you grow up? Provided you're not in the irreverent sub-culture known as the "Toys R Us Kids", this is a question that haunts us from the moment our parents wanted to put us to work.

Circus Peanut Gallery found this short film from 1973 (the year Monica Lewinsky was born!) which hopes to answer that question for a motley group of pre-teens as they stumble through the suburbs. It takes a bird's eye view of what work & responsibility mean and examines a grown-up's daily doldrums, all while playing music that would make a Care Bear go "squee!" The viewer's hand is gently held by a narrator who clearly wants nothing but the best for us, and who guides us through all sorts of uniforms, name tags and hairnets.

The film also features:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Vintage food
  • Vintage cutting-edge technology
  • Mysteriously-smiling workers
  • Green and beige, working together

To finish up, the film goes on to tell us everything we need to know about "clusters".

Watch the entire short for free on vimeo!

And we also put some bloopers up on YouTube.

And if you're feeling appreciative, download the video in high quality for just $0.99 here on

Performed and written by:

  • Bryan J Busch
  • Alex Bischoff
  • C.J. Kelley
  • M-D November (writer)
  • Melissa Walter (writer)

With additional material lovingly borrowed from:

  • RuPaul
  • Lawrence Kasdan
  • Annie Lennox

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