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WeRiff presents- Are You Scared?

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WeRiff presents- Are You Scared?

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   Are You Scared? You should be- in anticipation of the Rent-A-Center version of "Saw" meets "My Little Eye"- "Are You Scared".  "AYS" features a group of young people who wake up in a rusty, abandoned warehouse (supposedly in L.A., but probably in rustbelt capitals like Buffalo or Detroit) and are being watched by an insane man.  In the tradition of insane, mutilated villians everywhere he makes them "face their worst fears"- nope, not a re-runing of the "Star Wars Holiday Special"- more like darkness, rats and the extremely terrifying powerdrill.

    Join us- Ruth, "Artist and Inventory Auditor" Fabiano, John "County Clerk" Nowak and funnywoman Shanin "Substance Abuse Counselor" Allen for our first professional WeRiff.  Grab a bag of kettle corn, turn the lights low and lets start the funny!

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