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Unbreakable Vista Series Edition on Doctor Enfields Projection Room of Doom

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Unbreakable Vista Series Edition on Doctor Enfields Projection Room of Doom

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Wanted: a self motivated, hard working, movie lover to operate the projection booth at the Enfield Theater.  Dress casual and come ready to show us what you've got.  No experience needed.  Download this file for more info.  But first, a note about the movie you'll be showing:

Ah, America's favorite sport: mighty warriors fighting for every down, amazing passes and catches, and those feel-good stories of zeroes persevering against all odds to become gridiron heroes. 

Wait, that's 'Invincible'.  Sorry, wrong show.  Ah, here it is 'Unbreakable' please excuse, I get mixed up with the synonyms.  We love superhero movies don't we?  The fast paced chase scenes, incredible feats of daring do, witty comebacks, goofy super suits and memorable theme songs. They just make these movies so special.  Then along comes M. Night Shyamalan who says "ah, who needs all that stuff" and makes his own unique brand of hero movie.  At least it's not the upteenth 'reimagining' of some well-known super hero like Bat-man or Superman. Nope, it's a bald guy in a rain poncho.  See this movie and you'll be crying for a sequel (or maybe not depending on your taste).  By the way, we'll be showing the "Vista Series Two Disc" version.  Just so you know. 

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