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TS: Better Use of Leisure Time

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TS: Better Use of Leisure Time

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How can you make better use of your leisure time? Damned if we know, but maybe you'll know after watching Team Swizzlebeef take on this 50's educational short!

Thrill as Ken and his life partner, The Narrator... well... so far as we can tell, they don't actually do anything, but thrill anyway! Cringe away from lovingly filmed up-close junk shots, gawk at Ken's magic desk-mounted time portal, wonder why Ken's dad apparently married his grandmother, but most importantly, laugh your fool hinder off as Team Swizzlebeef excavate the funny from this otherwise baffling short.

Note: This short is panda-free. Repeat: There is no panda to see here.

Special note: We just released a brand-spanking new riff, Captain Midnight: Mission to Mexico on December 8. Check it out!

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