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TreacheRiffs: Star Trek: Voyager - State of Flux - 1x11

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TreacheRiffs: Star Trek: Voyager - State of Flux - 1x11

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Josh (left) and Jordan (the other left) take on the 11th installment of Ice On Mars' project for riffing Star Trek: Voyager, Season 1.  What can be said about this episode?  It's like all the others except with 13% more Chakotay (the Spock/Riker to Janeway's Kirk/Riker... but with more Native American tattoos).  Be sure to follow this with RiffRaff Theater's episode, "Heroes & Demons".  Or you can check out the episode before this one, DogKnob's "Prime Factors".

And in case you're wondering what we're holding, that's the TreacheSquirrel.. our mascot sync voice!

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