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Tin Man (Part 2)

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Tin Man (Part 2)

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And so the Not-So-Yellow, Not-Quite-Brick Route of “Tin Man” continues to lead us through the O.Z., as our heroine D.G. and her friends accidentally OD on H2O and visit Washington DC on their way to NYU to earn their PhD degrees ASAP. WTF?

IRiffing duo Katelyn Rushe and Mikaela Shay return for Part 2 of their journey through “Tin Man,” a Sci-Fi Channel miniseries that upgrades the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz (presumably because audiences don’t relate to dancing scarecrows and giant flaming heads as much as they used to). Confusion, complaining, and occasional crying ensues as the pair attempts to understand this latest installment of the “Tin Man” saga. Will they survive long enough to reach the third and final part of their quest? Or more importantly, will they ever get their money back?

Most likely: Not nobody, not no how.

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