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The Twilight Zone (2002) - "The Collection"

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The Twilight Zone (2002) - "The Collection"

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This episode from the second failed Twilight Zone remake, "The Collection," might be difficult to find because of how badly it failed. YOU can Totally Uncover it By Electronic means, however. Just be sure that if you find it in pieces, it is synced properly. You can also find it on GUBA in full form. You are given a link in the txt file included in the iRiff download package.

Pop "singer" Jessica Simpson (Employee of the Month, Private Valentine) gives us her most chilling performance possible in this episode about a lonely little girl who is eerily protective of her very realistic doll collection. Then the dolls (surprise!) start "coming to life" - kinda - which is made obvious when objects around the house get broken and the magnets on the fridge are rearranged.

Watch the "mystery" unravel and observe the classic use of stagehands in this 2002 failure. Oh, and did I mention Forest Whitaker is the host? Man has HE come a long way.

Episode 38 Season 1, "The Collection"

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