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The Phantom Empire Chapter 9: Prisoners of the Ray - The One Man Band

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The Phantom Empire Chapter 9: Prisoners of the Ray - The One Man Band

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What's this?  Gene Autry burning to death in a crash airplane?  Scientists planning on destroying Radio Ranch for their own purposes?  A totalitarian queen who imprisons children, who are later subjected to deadly radium beams?

Why, it must be children's entertainment!

The 'fun' continues in Chapter 9 as Gene Autry predictably escapes through miraculous means from certain doom from Chapter 8 (and Chapter 7, 6, 5...ah, heck, nobody EVER dies in these things), and Frankie & Betsy get kidnapped by the kingdom of Murania, who decide the best method of dealing with small children is to hand them over to guards stupider than they are.

But that's not all!  In this episode, SEE:

-Gene Autry making inexplicable gorilla noises!

-Biplanes turn into regular planes through the use of stock footage!

-Mr. Belvedere as the Queen's top counselor!

-The PPD-3200's on-screen debut, using only the latest in computer animation!

Be sure to catch this and the other exciting episodes of the iRiff Crossover Project: The Phantom Empire!

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