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The New Matinee Villains vs Hoosiers

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The New Matinee Villains vs Hoosiers

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A coach who was banned for punching his own player in the face leads a tiny, Indiana high school to the state title with the help of a moody star, a drunk assistant and a stand-offish love interest. Exciting stuff! Inspired by a true story that lacks a face-punching coach, a moody star, a drunk assistant, and a stand-offish love interest, this classic sports movie is the perfect target for three bitter commentators. The New Matinee Villains answer the call and emerge as kings of the court. As they watch, the Villains learn the real meaning behind Hoosiers, and enter a world of chili dogs and progressive electricity. Join the Villains as they thrill to jovial jumpers, hilarious hookshots, and a third alliterative basketball item!


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