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The Naked Witch - GOTBBC Episode 5

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Episode 5: Johnny prepares to answer the knock at the front door, ready to face the consequences of his ghost roomies shattering the living room window of their fifth-story apartment (again) and potentially hurling deadly shards of glass onto passersby. He pauses, however, to slip into a flashback of Halloween night just a couple of weeks earlier, because that it totally what a person would do in such a situation... Look, just bear with us and play along, okay?

Fortunately (?) for the audience, on Halloween night Johnny had chosen to watch the 1961 Larry Buchanan opus THE NAKED WITCH. That’s right, Johnny voluntarily viewed an early work by the director of ATTACK OF THE EYE CREATURES; the guy’s obviously a masochist. His pain is your gain, though, because he and roommate Babs stripped THE NAKED WITCH bare with their cutting riffs. If that wasn’t enough, the two of them also present the short subjects SATAN IN PRISON and NIGHTMARE AT ELM MANOR. It’s an embarrassment of riches!

A word of warning: Although there isn’t a lot of naked in THE NAKED WITCH (hell, there isn’t even much witch), this Video On Demand feature does include a fair amount of nudity, mostly in the ELM MANOR companion short. Therefore, this episode is recommended for mature viewers only. Actually, you can be as immature as you want, but at least be 18 or older, so we don’t have to get any angry e-mails from anyone’s mommy.

The VOD presentation of THE NAKED WITCH is ready to go; no synching required! Just download and enjoy!

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