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The Lost City Chapter 12: The One Man Band

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The Lost City Chapter 12: The One Man Band

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It's here!  The ending nobody's been waiting for!

The Lost City serial comes to its conclusion in episode 12, a 20-minute extravaganza of stupidity, insensitivity, and, of course, Gabby Hayes.  Will Zolok blow up the world?  (The answer is no.)  Will Gorzo get a better haircut?  (Again, no.)  Is Bruce the most incompetent hero of the serial film era?  (Possibly.  There's a lot of contenders.)  Why do serials always ask questions?  (Because the answers are pretty terrible.)

The One Man Band brings his style of panache to put this stinker to rest, and the PPD-3200 learns that some secrets shouldn't be kept.  Will he ever learn?  (Probably not, no.  He's a computer, after all.)

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