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The House in the Middle: How paint may save you from Atomic Bombs - Riffed by "It's Better-Than-CSpan-Productions"

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

This cinematic wonder was produced by The National Clean Up-Paint Up-Fix Up Bureau (seriously) in conjunction with the Federal Civil Service government blah, blah. 

This star of the silver screen tells us that if we paint our house we will protected from atomic blasts and 10 megaton bombs.  Nevertheless it does not protect against acute radiation sickness and slow death.  The rationality of this argument for paint is interesting.  We find our paint rep showing us how well painted houses shield us from fire and afterblasts from ICBM's. 

Really that's about it.  Oh and also, if you keep your home neat and tidy (and of course, well-painted) you will survive a nuclear blast.  Somehow the uranium core knows not to completely disintegrate those who are clean and take care of their yards.

Great stuff and memorable to a person with short term memory loss.

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