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The Cosmic Joke--Flash Gordon

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The Cosmic Joke--Flash Gordon

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Welcome listeners to the comedic dream of the bizarre. Welcome to the world of the Cosmic Joke with interstellar oddity, Cosmic Jake.

In today's first episode,  we'll be flying blind on a rocket cycle through one of the many sticky messes by producer Dino de Laurentiis, the 1980 cult-classic Flash Gordon. Attempting to duplicate the successes made by ghosts of blockbusters past, this movie has it all with music from Queen and...actually, not much more than the soundtrack. The production was plagued by everything from last-minute voiceovers to outdated special effects to costumes that would make even the most prententious of high school costume designers blush with shame.  But with the approbation of the Mongo deity Dyzan, we proudly present to the true savior of the universe, Flash Gordon. (Not to be confused with Charles Nelson Reilly, the former savior of mortal existence.)  Enjoy!

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