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The Core

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The Core

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Rarely have the planets of Bad Acting, Bad Science, and Big Budget aligned so perfectly as in the 2003 blockbuster movie, "The Core". Contrary to what you are hoping, this "The Core" is not an inspirational video about your company's work ethic, nor a PBS special on apples; it's not even a new exercise regimen. No, this "The Core" spits on the work of H. G. Wells, replacing artistic genius with warmed-over technobablistic faux-facts*. When the Earth's core stops spinning, there's only one course of action: build an unfeasible ship, crewed by unlikely heroes, sent on a preposterous journey to overcome insurmountable obstacles, thus solving an irreparable problem. Oh, and did we mention "Bad Science"? Who could resist all this, an easily predicted character culling, and a two-hour-plus runtime? Certainly we could not, so we invite you to join us on this tour of the bowels of the Earth Sci-Fi movie silliness.

Tom & Jon

* these are cheaper than actual scientific facts, and this movie's budget was primarily spent on sundry 2-D simulation packages...hard choices had to be made.


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