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Teenage Zombies : Circus Peanut Gallery

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Teenage Zombies : Circus Peanut Gallery

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[Update for November 19, 2009: Audio is improved overall]

Over 70 minutes — includes the movie and the commentary all in one video!

Nearly 500 jokes!

Seven writers and four performers, including actual ladies!

Almost no zombies!

Teenage Zombies (1959) (IMDb, Wikipedia) is a “horror” movie about not-exactly teenagers who are turned into not-exactly zombies for a few minutes.

The rest of the time, it’s a movie about walking and boating, walking while looking for a boat, walking toward or away from a boat, boating in order to go walking… hold on a sec—gotta catch my breath… walking on the bow of a boat, and dragging a boat on or off the shore.

There are also some very exciting off-screen water-skiing sequences, as well as some imaginary horses.

In between the privileged rich-kid transportation, there’s a plan to turn all Americans into mindless slaves, orchestrated by a group whose motives are apparently so diabolical they couldn’t be discussed on film.

YouTube Preview

Blooper Reel

The movie also prominently features:

  • Gorilla costumes
  • Soggy tennis shoes
  • Scraggly dead trees
  • Shutter-mounted telephones
  • The world’s biggest door knocker
  • Inappropriate evening wear
  • A highly-concentrated serum with near-zero consistency from one test subject to the next
  • … and someone named Felix!

Our cast

  • Alex Bischoff (web site) – First post-credits line in the movie: “Nothing for you, third wheel!”
  • Erica Burnett (twitter) – First post-credits line in the movie: “Huh. My milkshake had the opposite effect out in the yard.”
  • Bryan J Busch (twitter, web site) – First post-credits line in the movie: “Straws! Straws, already! What are we paying you for?”
  • Melissa Walter (twitter, web site) – First post-credits line in the movie: “Well, is it a campus, or a house?”

Additional writers

  • Lyn Never
  • Dan Douglass (twitter)
  • William Shakespeare

Our iRiff was written and performed over many cumulative days by a group of friends. Your purchase helps ensure future hard-won comedy.

In case you want the original (unspoiled?) version, you can download the original “Teenage Zombies” for free at

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