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Super Mario Bros.

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Super Mario Bros.

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iRiffer Aaron Bossig would like to be the first to offer you his mistreatment of everyone's favorite dinosaur movie, Super Mario Bros.  He'd LIKE to be the first, but coincidentally a nice group of guys had already been working on that project and beat him to the release by a few days.  In any case, this movie offers enough pain to go around, so feel free to try both!  After all, you already bought the SMB DVD, might as well get the most out of it! 

Join a young John Leguizamo as he plays Luigi, who descends from the Earthly paradise of Manhattan to a grizzly underworld to retrieve his stolen love.  It's a classic retelling of the Orpheus legend, enhanced by dinosaur people as the original Greeks would have wanted.  See the movie that made hundreds of scholars say "What the crap? This isn't PBS!"  And support my inagural Riffing effort as I tackle one of the easiest targets in cinematic history.

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