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Star Trek Voyager: Time and Again

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Star Trek Voyager: Time and Again

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Hey, kids, we're back! And in an episode totally unlike the last episode, in which Voyager caused itself to be stuck in a black hole, this time around (for the THIRD episode!) Voyager causes itself to cause a world to go apocalyptic, leaving behind rifts that take Janeway and Paris into the past (no, no, just ... trust that that made sense).

Proving time and again that it's possible to hit a new low, Voyager is the gift that keeps on giving. This track features Michael T Bradley (as usual) and guest riffer Kaisha Medford. As usual, the telepathic plant Frondy provides synch lines. This includes both NTSC and PAL formats.


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You can almost always find other samples of our stuff on YouTube just by searching "ice on mars voyager" or looking up the user zenmichael. We are not endorsed by Paramount, NASA or anyone else. My mom still likes me, though.

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