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Star Trek: Voyager: Learning Curve

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Star Trek: Voyager: Learning Curve

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You WILL NOT BELIEVE the pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat excitement that is the end of season one of Star Trek: Voyager! Having amazingly made it home through strife and turmoil, the crew of the Voyager finds their home quadrant IN RUINS!!! The Federation in SHAMBLES!!! Desperately scrambling against an enemy who USES TIME ITSELF AS A WEAPON. The only area of the galaxy within which they could even HOPE to find some sort of saving mechanism? THE DELTA QUADRANT! So our intrepid crew is sent BACK, this time with specific orders to find technology to save their ENTIRE SPECIES-ES!!! The clock is ticking, and the stakes have just been raised A HUNDREDFOLD!!!

Wouldn't that be awesome? OK, here's what really happens:

Hey, kids, remember the Maquis? You--you don't? But it's only been ... uhh ... five episodes since they were last mentioned! Wait, what--seriously, FIVE episodes? My god, that's ridiculous! I mean, aren't they the dramatic thrust of the show? Aren't--sigh. Oh, forget it. Tuvok trains some cadets. "Hoosiers," it ain't. Together with intrepid co-riffer and co-writer J. Wilford Neville, Michael T Bradley sets out one last time to take on the crew of Voyager. We barely make it. CAN YOU? 

Contains innuendo and mildly coarse language. Nothing worse than an episode of Robot Chicken.

And if you've missed any of the episodes so far, here's a listing of them:

101-102: Caretaker - Riffed by Ice on Mars

103: Parallax - Riffed by Ice on Mars

104: Time and Again - Riffed by Ice on Mars

105: Phage - Riffed by Cinester Theater

106: The Cloud - Riffed by Aaron J. Bossig and Michael T. Bradley

107: Eye of the Needle - Riffed by QuipTracks

108: Ex Post Facto - Riffed by Ice on Mars

109: Emanations – Riffed by Ice on Mars

110: Prime Factors – Riffed by DogKnob

111: State of Flux – Riffed by TreacheRiffs

112: Heroes and Demons – Riffed by RiffRaff Theater

113: Cathexis – Riffed by J.C. Walsh

114: Faces – Riffed by Ice on Mars

115: Jetrel.- Riffed by Just.Andrew

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