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Star Trek: TOS "Spock's Brain" (1968)

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Star Trek: TOS "Spock's Brain" (1968)

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The Original Series of Star Trek was groundbreaking in so many ways.  It took the genre of science fiction and elevated it from campy kiddy matinee fare up to a serious primetime drama intended for adults.  It showcased some of the best writers in the industry, and went down in history as a show that promoted equal treatment of all people, both now and in the future.


Then, with one episode, all of that was shot to hell.  "Spock's Brain" was 50 minutes of hokey, sexist drivvel.  Everyone even remotely connected with Trek would like to forget this episode exists... but it does exist, we have proof.  And as your Riffer for this evening, I promise you that I will not let them live this down.


Note:  This iRiff was created and synched to the classic episode in its uncut and non-remastered form.  This is the version found on the Season 3 DVD set.  You're certainly welcome to try synching it to the remastered version or to CBS' free streaming video, but proper synching to those versions is not guaranteed.

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