Star Trek - Mirror, Mirror

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Star Trek - Mirror, Mirror

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The Star Trek episode that gives you two universes for the price of one now has two ways to entertain you for the price of … well, what it says up there. Pretty cheap, really.

The Contrived Space Storm of the Week hurls Kirk and company into a nightmare parallel dimension. Yeah, the savagery and oppression are pretty rough, but get an eyeful of those evil uniforms! It's as though millions of fashion designers cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. Though Shatner doesn't seem to mind the scanty outfits on the women. God love him.

 And now, thanks to PS Productions, not only can you enjoy the episode itself, you can laugh along with it, too. Join Paul Golba and Shane Tourtellotte as they reflect humorously* on this classic episode.  

*The management wish it to be known that Shane will be getting the full Agony Booth treatment for making that pun. You're welcome.

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