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SPOOKS RUN WILD - The Turkey Shoot with Scott Zee

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SPOOKS RUN WILD - The Turkey Shoot with Scott Zee

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Everyone's favorite WW2-era Jackass crew, The Eastside Kids (aka 'The Bowery Boys', aka 'The Dead-End Kids, aka 'Eastside REDUX' ) are at it again. So much so that the local authorities cart'em all off to deliquent camp for a bit of character building. Not content with waiting around for Jason Voorhees' latest rampage, the guys amscray in the dead of night in search of a few gaga goily goils in the nearby town. As luck would have it, a trip through the cemetery alerts the night watchman, and our beloved Eastside Kid #5 ('Pee Wee'  according to gets a mush full of buckshot.

Eager to not be bled upon at length, the fellas take their wounded cohort nearby to the nefarious old Billings Estate, where they encounter the seemingly almost, but apperantly just-as-nefarious Nardo (Bela Lugosi). With Pee Wee tended-to under the watchful eye of Nardo and his Mini-Me wannabe Luigi, the boy's suspicions mount as to their generous host's real identity.

Why there's been talk of that supernatural, serial killing madman 'The Monster'  somewhere in the vicinity. And with Van Helsing himself not far behind in hot pursuit (Van Grosch as it's exclusively mispelled here), it's quite clear our Eastside heroes will have their hands plenty-full with poltergeitstal hijinx.

But a bit  of advice that may prove useful if you choose to purchase, referring here to the abundance of Huntz Hall's one liners to be chucked at your senses. Please take the time to plan yourself a full and productive day whilst this grinding-ly long 60 minutes attempts to train-wreck your adequate mental defences, and maybe we'll all crawl out of the rubble later on to form a support group for the survivors.

Godspeed, and I'm sorry..


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