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According to the DVD box, STARGATE is the movie that opened a universe.  If that's the case, it only goes to prove that some universes are better left unopened.  Especially when the doorway to that universe seems to be a vertical pool of what looks suspiciously like Smirnoff Ice, and the god of that universe turns out to be the guy/girl from THE CRYING GAME.

You know things can’t get much better when your traveling companions include “the Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes,” (sans Computer, and replace the Tennis Shoes with Army boots,) The New Manager of “The Office” (who also happens to be that guy from Mannequin, no not the fun gay guy, the bad guy) and Inspector Gadget 2.0 (3.0 if you count the Cartoon Series, and believe me the upgrades aren’t worth it). 

Hopefully Rafael from Touched by An Angel, can bring us some salvation in this world of Sand, sand, and more sand!

So together with Wes and Judy, lets brave this bold new world that was so amazing the creators of the TV series couldn’t be bothered to maintain continuity with it.

Make yourself a Goa’uld  Sand-wich, and saddle up your Hell-Beast for an epic romp across the Galaxy.  Comtraya!!!!



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