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Sleeping Beauty - A Stockton Riffs Production

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Sleeping Beauty - A Stockton Riffs Production

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The 1950's was an excellent time for the Walt Disney Company. Having had a string of animated hits that included Cinderella and Peter Pan, they decided to close the decade strong with Sleeping Beauty. While the film proved to be a box office success, one still has to wonder why Disney would make a princess-based movie that's not about a princess. That's quite simple to answer: to ridicule the ever-loving crap out of it.

In the premier production of Stockton Riffs, we have Princess Aurora, a princess who doesn't have a sickeningly positive outlook on life like princesses before her, nor the rebelious spunk of the ones that followed. She is instead watched over by three good fairies (who the story actually centers on) who raise her in the woods to protect her from the evil sorceress Maleficent, who likes to crash birthday parties and curse the birthday child. You know, that whole, "If I can't have a pony, no one can," schtick. Anyway, all goes well until Aurora runs into a Phillip, whose pretty boy good looks and sweet charm sweep her off her feet after about 20 seconds of knowing each other. All of which leads to a series of events that lead to an epic battle between good and evil. I'd say more, but I'm practically spoiling the movie at this point. So take nap with Sleeping Beauty. ...or rather don't, because you'll miss the movie.

NOTICE: This iRiff is given the explicit content rating for foul language (but no four-letter words, I assure you), suggestive dialogue, and material some may find offensive.

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