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Signs - Laugh Support

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After conquering movies about dim-witted ghosts and dull superheroes, director M. Night Shyamalan turned his sights to extraterrestrials. What would really happen if aliens visited Earth? Well, if you guessed “they’d invade, but then retreat after getting trapped in pantries,” you’re on the right track!

Facing this alien threat is Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix (in his pre-rapper days) and two kids, played by a Culkin brother and Little Miss Sunshine. This intrepid family uses everything at its disposal (including baby monitors, tin foil hats, and lots of intense staring), to protect their rural farmhouse from imminent invasion.

And just when you thought Signs took itself too seriously, funnymen Ken Cole, Chris White and Jim Wilson are here to provide some Laugh Support! Join us for this humorous and “probing” commentary – you’ll never look at aliens the same way again!

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