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SharpShooter Productions: What About Juvenile Delinquency?

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

SharpShooter Productions: What About Juvenile Delinquency?

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SharpShooter Productions presents a film that will make you laug, harder than ever. The film, What About Juvenile Delinquency, is a dementedly stupid film in which I have pushed to new levels of funny, think cry funny. If my exageration of a descriptions hasn't turned you on yet, think again. What About Juvenile Delinquency is about s teenager whose father had gotten beat viciously by his own gang. Then he cowards, like a little girl. You might think I just ruined the plot, but no. It's impossible to ruin the already ruined. This film isn't for kids, but if you let them watch, that's fine because I'll get money. Feel free to comment and/or rate. Laugh now.

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