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SharpShooter Presents: Human Reproduction

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SharpShooter Presents: Human Reproduction

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To say that the movie Human Reproduction is a stupid movie is an understatement.  With the help of SharpShooter Productions however, we can remedy this problem.  I put the best jokes on the line and I hope that they can make a funny movie funnier.  Human Reproduction is a sex ed film directed at parents.  What the hell.  You would think they would know that, but I guess that time period didn't expose people to sex as they do now.  Thank you Paris Hilton.  It features the worst models for sex organ images and absolutely retarded narration.  Ride the SharpShooter Production's bullet as it hopefully is aimed at the head of the producers of this film (thank you McGraw Hill for yet another peice of material I can now use).  In all actuality I enjoyed making fun of this movie so hopefully you can join in that feeling.  So buy, laugh, rate and comment please.  LAUGH.    

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