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SCROOGE-TheTurkey Shoot with Scott Zee

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SCROOGE-TheTurkey Shoot with Scott Zee

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Boy, I bet you never thought Dickensian times could evolve into something even more bleak and destitute. Add one Seymour Hicks into the retelling of this most cherished morality tale, and you may never feel to ponder 'Oliver Twist' for the rest of your days.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you one and to you all ! You've foregone the option of 'Jingle All The Way', and decided to settle down instead with this bootleg quality, 'Christmas Carol' adaptation so oblique, so obtuse, you'll wonder how they ever found reason not to include the beloved Fezziwig into the overall story.

Cuz they didn't. They don't. Sorry to break it to ya. Oh and no Scrooge's sister Fan either for some reason. Maybe all for the better. You decide. She dies anyways.

All the more stranger is the fact the Mr. Hicks transfers his performance of Scrooge from stage to screen here, having played the role countless times before stepping in front of the camera. And yet, by comparison, I'd rather pit Whoopi Goldberg best to rival Alastair Sim as the greastest Ebeneezer Scrooge of all time. Think of the cognitive abilities of your 80 year old Grandpa with his head in a plastic bag while running the New York Marathon. That, in essence, is Seymour Hicks.

May the tidings of gladness fill us all (or maybe just a nice endorhpin rush) to lighten the load, as we tuck into this; the 1935 production of 'Scrooge' . God Bless us all ..everyone. Please for the love of God! Make it go by fast!


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