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Safety Patrol - VOD

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Safety Patrol - VOD

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{run time:9 min.} Chevrolet (a company that makes more short films about cars than they make actual cars) presents: "Safety Patrol!"  Enemies of safety beware!  This town needs a symbol to get behind - someone who can rise up and stand for safety in the face of hapless buffoonery.  Lucky for this crumby town, there are people willing to stand up for what's good in the world: Pete, and his Schoolboy Safety Patrols!    Today we follow Pete - weapon in hand - as he teams up with a doddering old man who should have retired from police work by this point.  Together, they wander aimlessly while sorta carrying on a conversation about safety.  ...The streets are once again safe.   also, it has some ducks, and at the end they get a chocolate soda.

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