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RTU Presents: "Your Junior High Days"

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

RTU Presents: "Your Junior High Days"

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G'day Earthlings! We needed a great exploit on what it is like to go through your current Junior High School in modern day Earth. So, we got this educational short from the 50's to help us figure out what shapes you into the deviants that you are...

In "Your Junior High Days" you will figure out what it means to be a student in American these days. You'll see what kind of heartship it takes to go through the teasing, bullying, and rapscallionisity (our word). 

Alright, you wont actually see any bullying. But you will see what it takes to be a model Junior High sized American. 

Enjoy! Now at the low low price of $.75!!! YOU'RE WELCOME! 

Also, this might be the favorite riff here at Riff The Universe. We took a couple of days to do this one, and enjoyed ever single line. But that's the riffers speaking. 

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