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RTU Presents: "Safety with Animals" - Short

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RTU Presents: "Safety with Animals" - Short

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Good day, Earth inhabitants. Today, I bring you "Safety With Animals". Now, this movie may claim it knows how to be safe with animals, but it really shows how much fun these kids make it look too abuse and annoy animals. Pay atttention, everyone. You just might learn something. Probably not, though. In fact, if you don't already know all the information in this film, then you should not own any sort of animal. With "Safety With Animals" you get an annoying boy bugging the crap out of animals that is borderline abuse just to see the reactions of the animals. Hopefully, that's not the first kid they had. The first kid got mauled by the parrot who the kid was cracking wise about it's momma. This should be called "How to avoid pissing off Animals that have done no harm to you". Long title, I know. Well, enjoy everyone.

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