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RTU Presents: "Parent to Child: About Sex" - Short

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

RTU Presents: "Parent to Child: About Sex" - Short

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This film is really not for the faint of heart. People with weak constitutions will feel very uncomfortable while watching this picture. Not exactly the shortest short, but this film on how to teach your child about sex will send chills down your spine. I know it was very difficult to riff. I made it through it, though. For you, Earthlings. Now, there is some edited material, because there were parts that bordered child pornography. And I haven't riffed child porn since the late 80's. That was a joke.

In "Parent to Child: About sex", you will learn what kind of questions will come up from your curious child. I figure if you know this, you should figure out how to avoid these questions. Because, I know no one wants to talk to their kid about masturbation, and I know no child wants their dad teaching his techniques. But, worry not, Earthlings. You only have to really pay attention to the dull hosts talk to you about sex, not your illegitimate father.

Please Enjoy.

Take note, this is a long short. 30 minutes!!!

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