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RTU Presents: "A Date With The Family" - Short

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RTU Presents: "A Date With The Family" - Short

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 I know what you ay be thinking. That this picture probably takes place somewhere in the deep South or Appalachia. But No. This is not about Tina's first date with Cousin Bobo. This is a hearty educational film about how to act around your family. How to please the men and keep the women kaged up. This is back when women were allowed to vote, but had to wait until the husband specified what her political beliefs are. Back in what I consider to be the good ole days. By watching this, you will see what it was like in a simpler time. What you should do before and after dinner. How long you should wait until you may begin eating your slop. What kind of clothes will please the men. How to poison someone and not get it traced back to you. How to treat your annoying little sibling. And how easy it is to tell someone to shut up with a simple hand gesture. Well, enjoy this, you sick earthlings. 


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