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Ronin Fox Trax: The Wizard of Oz

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

Ronin Fox Trax: The Wizard of Oz

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Dateline-Somewhere over the Rainbow.  A hit and run occurred early in the morning hours when an innocent broom flight was cut short by an irresponsible young woman piloting her own domicile.  The woman in question, unlicensed and underage Dorothy Gale, is still at large.  Last seen in the company of a small dog, a dangerous jungle cat, an ax-wielding armored man and dragging along an unlit effigy to an unknown target, she is considered dangerous.  Citizens, particularly meltable ones, are urged to keep their distance and simply contact proper authorities.

Yes, the Wizard of Oz, a trippy journey of bright colors, dark villains, and highly confusing morals. Take the trip down the Yellow Brick Road once again with new companions Ronin Fox and Nykk. One of them needs a functioning kidney, and the other just needs more calcium in his diet.

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