Ronin Fox Trax: The Last Unicorn

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Ronin Fox Trax: The Last Unicorn

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Sometimes you find yourself looking back on your childhood and asking yourself, "Did that ever really make sense to me? What was in my water?"

The Last Unicorn.  A gripping and sad tale of the ravages of extinction and...what?  Oh, apparently it's a whimsical romp of animation from people mainly known for Christmas specials coupled with several long musical numbers by those guys that sang Sister Golden Hair.

Featuring the vocal talent of Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lee, Alan Arkin and the song stylings of Jeffrey Lebowski, The Last Unicorn is a magical journey of discovery where adults can look back and realize just how screwed up their beloved childhood classics really were.

Joined by his good friend Nykk, Ronin Fox takes the journey alongside the ancient mythological archetypes of the talking horse, the Jewish magician, and the old cookwench to do battle with the Red Bull*.  Will the unicorn find the rest of her kind and prove the title to be a lie?  Will bold Captain Cully and his band continue their thievery or open a new chain of taco restaurants?  Will Schmendrick change his name to something more dignified, like Klutzo?  And of course, what could be so wrong with this movie that it would drive riffers out of the studio?  These questions, but less, will be answered!

  • NTSC users:  This track was made with the 25th anniversary edition of the DVD, and may not be compatable with older DVD versions.  If you own one, please contact me at  Also, Ronin Fox Trax recommends buying your DVD copy from  See here for the details why.
  • "Explicit content" on this track contains some material above the "G" rating of the movie, and is not intended for young children.  Riffing content is about a "PG-13" level.

*Battle is here defined by standing around and/or running away.

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