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RiffDuck: How QUIET Helps At School (1953)

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RiffDuck: How QUIET Helps At School (1953)

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Take a journey back into a typical emotionally-repressed 1950's classroom where being a regular happy-go-lucky kid was the equivalent of being the town leper and where any form of childhood wonderment and excitement was immediately stamped out by the overtly-feminine Ms. Bradley in favor of "quiet."  Follow young Bobby on his perilous mission to QUIETLY sharpen a pencil (and figure out just how to use a pencil)!  Marvel at the spectacle of children sitting QUIETLY and reading that thrilling bestseller known as "A Day at the Fair!"  Gaze in shock and awe as the children work QUIETLY on their model farm for God only knows what reason!  It's a brief glimpse into the non-stop roller coaster that was a 50's classroom, so experience it again and again...QUIETLY!!! 

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