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Riff Raff Theater - TRON

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Riff Raff Theater - TRON

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TRON. We can't really identify it as a movie. It's a shared experience of nostalgia. Everyone we talk to remembers loving it, but can't remember when they last saw it. And so we, in our continued efforts to improve our community, have taken it upon ourselves to educate the viewing public on just how bad this film really was. Oh sure -- there's glowing spandex, futuristic crotch rockets, intelligent frisbees, David Warner - all things we'd love to have in our daily life - but underneath it all, there's a digital elephant in the room, begging you to realize that when a programmer is sucked into a virtual world in order to save humanity from a computer hellbent on domination, we should recognize it simply as The Matrix, and call it a day.

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