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Riff Raff Theater - Lost City Chapter 9

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Riff Raff Theater - Lost City Chapter 9

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We volunteered for this Lost City group project months ago, and then spent the last few weeks wondering if *any* of the 12 groups bringing you these VOD riffs know exactly what's going on. We cound three rugged explorers, a damsel in distress, 2 (maybe 3?) warring native tribes, a femme fatale, an old scientist, a plucky sidekick, and then some weird alien dude watching over all of this madness with little recourse in how things happen.

Oh, and a 3 foot doppleganger of Terry Jones. There's always that.

Now, join Riff Raff Theater in our quest to figure out just what drugs were available in the 1930's! Maybe when they made Reefer Madness, these were the people the filmmakers were worried about!!!

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