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Riff-a-Brack Productions Presents: Resident Evil

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Riff-a-Brack Productions Presents: Resident Evil

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When making a movie based on a videogame inspired by classic George Romero movies, apparently George Romero wasn't what they were looking for so they went with Paul W.S. Anderson. The result? Resident Evil (2002), the movie that combines all the most boring parts of the games involving wandering and not knowing what is going on with a tightly crafted fanfiction. And zombies...but that's really besides the point.

After a deadly virus escapes the underground laboratory called "The Hive," Umbrella Incorporated sends in their own specialized military task force to investigate without any proper briefing whatsoever. When they arrive they find Alice (Milla Jovovich), suffering from plot convenient amnesia at the hands of the Hive's super-computer defenses, Matt (Eric Mabius) a cop that dropped by for tea, and Spence (James Purefoy) another guy suffering from fun memory loss. The three are dragged along the team's mission to find out why the supercomputer decided to go all homicidal and just what all those undead fellows are going on about.

Combining the least amount of residence in comparison to evil you can possibly get!

So pop in the DVD and let Vanessa and Chris of "Riff-a-Brack Productions" lead you through the laser hallways, laboratories and multiple flashbacks. We'll make sure you can thrive in the world of survival "Resident Evil!"


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