Return of the Kung Fu Dragon by Levithor Riffs

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Return of the Kung Fu Dragon by Levithor Riffs

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"The young princess seeks to return the golden city to her people and overturn the tyrant general." Amateur and failing sci fi writer, TourqeGlare, and his suspiciously similar English counterpart, Nate dissects the Return of the Kung Fu Dragon. The plot involves several different people; the movie isn’t sure who to follow, as they try and overthrow Fu Manchu and a cackling mustachioed Davros who had formally succeeded in overtaking a peaceful city for some reason. This delightful tale has tree stumps, parrots, Shampoo, the Kohaku River Spirit, and legions of men who practice kung fu in dresses. If for any reason you like this movie in its original form, it can be found here, free on Youtube:

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