Red Dawn - Track Zero presents

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Red Dawn - Track Zero presents

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In 1984, assuming you were around back then, you probably saw two movies; Ghostbusters and Red Dawn. And in the long run, Ghostbusters became a classic while Red Dawn became a cult-classic. Which is to say one is awesome and the other... persists.

The film, packed with the hottest young stars of the day, chewing the scenery like they were in a rush to start a cocaine habit, can only be described as jingoistic - and Reagan-tastic!

Join us for a romp through alternate history that doesn't include Canada, allergies, acting, and military porn... it's Red Dawn!


NOTE: Track Zero has varying lead times - skip to 2:15 for the DVD start point. But it's two minutes - have a listen, huh. We've got theme music and an announcer and everything.


Three friends take advantage of two simple facts - they are incapable of watching a film together in silence and a lot of cheap price-point DVDs have no commentary track (or a really sucky commentary track - like, second unit director. Chief caterer.)

Please note, this track was recorded in 2005 and originally released as a podcast. Which is to say that it was meant to be released and dated for a specific time - there is a certain amount of topicality that didn't age perfectly.

Please consider this a test run, as we attempt to dust-off our old podcast tracks and give them a new home here, at RiffTrax.


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