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Rabbit Ears: The Return of Chandu Chapter 6

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Rabbit Ears: The Return of Chandu Chapter 6

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By now, audiences are thrilled and excited for the next installment of "The Return of Chandu!"  And by "thrilled" we mean "driving to Target in the rain."  And by "excited" we mean...well...."driving to Target in the rain."

Here comes Chapter 6: Chandu's False Step!  We'd like to argue that "Chandu's False Step" should actually have been Chapter 1 for starting this entire serial in the first place...but we digress...

Chandu is trying to rescue Princess Naughty (again) and hilarity ensues!  Yes.  Join the gang from Rabbit Ears as we watch Bela Lugosi*, Peter Tork, Tom Wilson, Ralph Macchio and Lindsey Lohan in this classic masterpiece.**

* - Actually appears in film.

** - Blatant lie.


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