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Pokémon: The Movie 2000

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Pokémon: The Movie 2000

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Gotta Catch 'Em All? Not anymore! Pokèmon: The 2000th Movie takes on one of the greatest evils that man has unleashed upon the world: collecting! Pokèmon aren't something to be collected like plushies or trading cards! In other news, the Pope has denounced Catholicism and PETA is finally getting behind wild dog fights.

The community of "Weird Al" Yankovic fans at WOWAY ( put their heads together and have come up with this star quality script! Performing in this riff is iRiff regular Insert Coin(s) to Continue joined by Tennessee area comedy singer Weirdo Jace of Nuclear Bubble Wrap (as heard on the Dr. Demento Show!)

But that's not all. Order now and you'll also get our riff for the annoying and soul-destroyingly stupid Pokémon short before the film! Togepi is lost in the woods. It's up to Pikachu and its friends to save it ... by sitting through contrived dance numbers and the always hilarious* antics of Meowth the talking cat!

That's our final offer: The Pikachu Movie and The Power of One all in one great track. More fun than you could drop a Snorelax on!


*Hilarious, in this context, describes a sharp and sudden pain in the auditory receptors of the brain


*NOTE: In the read-me, we accidentally forgot to thank one of our talented writers, Graeme Newton-Doull. Sorry, Graeme!

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