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One Man Riffing Crew Presents: Beginning To Date

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One Man Riffing Crew Presents: Beginning To Date

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When it comes to educational films, no sub-genre is more replete with awkwardness and inferiority complexes than that of dating. These films attempt to teach that dating is as natural a process as birth, puberty, or animosity for Nickleback. Without a doubt, Beginning To Date is a gold standard among its fellows. George is a shy, introverted speck of a boy who needs help asking a girl out. With the help of coach Studs Terkel(look it up, you whippersnappers), he's able to reconcile his sweaty palms and nauseousness enough to approach Mildred, who towers over him like... well, like a tower. Then we meet George's pals Bill and Dwight, who each screw up royally and need assistance from the omnipresent narrator, who does a Superman II time reversal just so they can phrase their words better. But what of the dates themselves? Will George get to slow dance with Mildred and "inadvertantly" cop a feel because of their respective heights? Do Bill and Dwight have what it takes to court their ladies without help from a nosy announcer? Find out when you view Beginning To Date!

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