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No Country for Old Men

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No Country for Old Men

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Is your life fulfilling? Satisfying? Full of joy and hope? Well, the Coen brothers' 2007 Oscar-winning opus No Country for Old Men can take care of that!

That Guy From Before Night Falls stars as a man with the determination of a Marine, the viciousness of a pit bull, the morals of a New York politician, and the hair of Natalie Portman. His quarry is That Guy From The Goonies, whose only crime is following the old adage of "Find $2 million in nonconsecutive unmarked bills, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck."* They, along with That Guy From Natural Born Killers, are now caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse--and mouse!--from which the only escape is death or endless motel check-in scenes.

Join J.C. Walsh for this thinking man's exploration of conscience, justice, dorm room stoner philosophy, and why this film is titled No Country for Old Men!

*Well, it's an old New Jersey adage anyway.

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