Music Video: Take On Me by A-HA presented by the Filmmakers Studio

This product is part of iRiffs - fan-made commentary tracks.

This song makes all of us nerds all warm and fuzzy inside when we are holed up in our favorite comic book store while we're waiting for old Mom to come pick us up.  

We're taking in some of that old newsprint, we're in heaven, all is right with the world while we are hoping, wishing, and praying, for some dove to fly out of thin for us too :)

YEAH we have all been there and for all those still living the dream for LOVE THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! 

So join us in this intercomicGALATIC whatever you want to call it romance starring the newest member of the Filmmakers Studio IRIffer Team, a proud member of the animal kingdom, our very own VEEJAY MR CHEWFUNK THE CHIPMUNK! 



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